Channel 4 HD auf Sendung

Nach einigen Presseberichten sollte der Britische Sender "Channel 4" im April die Ausstrahlung in HDTV beginnen. Inzwische ist der sender auch empfangbar. Damit geht es in kleinen Schritten vorwärts auf der "Free Sat" Platform. Bisher sind im Deutschen wie im Englischen Fernseh-Raum nur eine handvoll Stationen in hochauflösendem Format auf Sendung. Dennoch sollte man die Entwicklung bei der Planung einer Satellitenempfangsanlage berücksichtigen.

Rugby Six Nations Free Sat

The new Rugby season is about to start. So we do accept quick orders for satellite dish installations in early February. Call in to get your personal quotation. There is also equipment for digital recording available. We have PC-cards for satellite reception i store. Also a few receiver boxes with built in hard disk drive are there...

Double Sat Installation

More and more British and other English speaking people who are living in Germany decide to change to satellite television. In some German areas the cable network operators do provide a selection of channels in English language. But besides Deutsche Welle, BBC World and CNN the tv viewers ask not only for news but also for more entertainment in their home language. So BB24 have now set the double sat installation to be the standard installation for satellite viewers. It enables you to view both the main German and British satellite positions. This way you can save money by not paying cable operators. Instead you need a one time satellite equipment installation.
The cost compared to cable tv pays off after one year in most cases. An additional advantage is the much broader variety of channels you get via satellite. The double sat fills your channels list with up to 2000 tv entries! (And a lot of radio channels as well) After deleting transponders for testing purposes, shopping channels and sexy dial in shows you will still have around 200 channels with regional news, movies, music video, special interest and foreignn culture in many languages.


Polska telewizja w Niemczech

Teraz my także instalują satelitowy telewizyjny sprzęt otrzymywać język polski  kanał  w Niemczech. Nasza ostateczna propozycja urządzenia umożliwia wam otrzymywać sygnały od 2 satelitowych pozycji. Który daje wam nad 2000 kanał w rozmaitych językach wybierać z. Także kanały radia


Remote guest houses may have TV!

How does it work?
When you live a few miles away from the next town, at a place where your telecom provider is nearly unable to connect you to a mobile phone network and your television aerial receives only a handful of television channels with poor picture, then our “TV 4 Guest House” solution will help you. The set of equipment includes all you need to extend all your rooms to “digital viewing suites”! That means not only your living room will benefit from modern satellite television services, but all your guest rooms will have more top quality channels as well!


Foreign TV for international visitors

If you run your own Irish B&B business you will have noticed that your guests are asking more often for more than a bed at night and a meal in the morning. Travellers want to stay in touch with their home country by following the news from abroad and they want to communicate with their friends and colleagues while being away for many days or even weeks.



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