B&B Channel switching

DVB-S Satelliten TV edit: 03.08.07

When you go for the 4-channel-feed technology you have to select four TV stations that would
suite your needs best.
If you know who's regularly coming to your place you can choose the channels to feed during installation. So you can concentrate on a fixed channel list that you can use when you are advertising your house. You could let your ad say: "We provide French, German, Spanish and Italian TV!" If you want to be more flexible you can pre-program the list of available satellite channels and then select for example 4 French channels to feed in when your today's visitors are from France. Change it completely when the Italians arrive the next day.
That is some manual work to do everyday. The set top boxes offer some help by the


automatic "change channel" feature. You can have the STB programmed to change to different channels at certain times. You could create a program number on your B&B's TVs where you generate an international news service. The box switches from one country's news program to another country's service. So your guests have a good chance to see the news in their language when they switch on the TV at the appropriate time of day. Of course you can have our technician do all the programming!


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