Remote guest houses may have TV!

DVB-S Satelliten TV edit: 12.02.12

How does it work?
When you live a few miles away from the next town, at a place where your telecom provider is nearly unable to connect you to a mobile phone network and your television aerial receives only a handful of television channels with poor picture, then our “TV 4 Guest House” solution will help you. The set of equipment includes all you need to extend all your rooms to “digital viewing suites”! That means not only your living room will benefit from modern satellite television services, but all your guest rooms will have more top quality channels as well!

The technical solution consists of an 80 cm dish also suitable for bad weather conditions, standard length cable with connectors and receiving hardware for up to 4 digital channels. You can select from a variety of family channels (BBC, ITV, S4C), Film channels (Film 4, True Movies, Zone Thriller), news (EuroNews, Sky News, France24) , music video (Scuzz, Vault, Chart Show TV) or something else you’d prefer. “TV 4 Guest House Basic” will also be able to feed your TV sets with Chinese or Indian news.
Maybe your Bed & Breakfast house has often guests from other countries who would like to keep up to

date with the news from their home countries. In this case we can double the antenna to get dozens of stations in languages like French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish or others. Therefore the version “TV 4 Guest House Double” will be installed. An additional LNB (Low Noise Block receiving unit) is mounted to the dish. So you will still have only one antenna on your wall but with a second channels list providing more than 300 extra stations to choose from. The “Double” version can provide up to 8 channels to all TVs in the house being a multi room solution using the cabling already installed and possibly no extra holes to be drilled. Besides this you will be able to keep all stations that you do have now using your aerial or other cable source. The new satellite stations will go alongside your usual programs.

How much does it cost?
Basically you can calculate on 160 Euros per channel. Since we believe if you decide for an installation you will use the full range of “Basic” (4) or respective “Double" (8). So the cost for the antenna is shared by the number of selected channels. So a basic set will be 640 Euros (“Double” is 1280 Euros) plus installation. Mounting takes usually maximum 6 hours at 40 Euros. So the complete package is 880 Euros (“Double” 1520 Euros) based on working hours as long as there are normal working conditions in your building.
So you only have to pay for hardware and installation. There is no cost for a pay TV contract on a monthly base or phone line rental. The channels provided by “TV 4 Guest House” are free to air. That means they are unencrypted and can be watched free of charge - anywhere. The free channels are financed by advertising or TV fees paid by the people of the channel’s originating country. What you need is a BBC / RTE TV license (that you surely already have).

Prices are subject to change depending on local conditions and client’s selections. Please contact us for an individual quote! See contact details on the left!


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